In the mid-1980s, Denmark’s Artillery established themselves as being at the cutting edge of the thrash movement, and nearly forty years later, they continue to destroy. Coming from the suburbs of Copenhagen, the band spent the early 80’s defining their sound and changing members until their debut “Fear Of Tomorrow” was released in 1985 by neat records by the classic line-up of Flemming Rönsdorf (vocals), Michael Stützer (lead guitar), Jørgen Sandau (rhythm guitar), Morten Stützer (bass) and Carsten Nielsen (drums).

Two more albums – “Terror Squad” (1987) and “By Inheritance” (1990) – were recorded until the band eventually disbanded in 1993, by then already hailed as one of the major thrash forces in Europe and the main band in Scandinavia playing the genre.

After a brief return in 1999 with the album “B.A.C.K.”, Artillery went dormant again, before it resurfaced the scene in 2009 with the album “When Death Comes”. By then, the Stützer brothers were well solid as the guitar duo and the drummer Carsten Nilsen was the other surviving member of the classic line-up. The band was completed by vocalist Søren Adamsen and bassist Peter Thorslund. From that point on, Artillery got the thrashing machine moving full-speed again, with one new album released roughly every two years, until the recent “X”. However, the band’s road was also struck by tragedy, when Morten Stützer died in October 2019 due to a blood clot. 

Nowadays, Artillery is one of the oldest and most respected bands in the thrash scene, refusing to give in to any modernity or sound changing, but always evolving and finding new ways to thrash and shoot down watery metal trends.