Mirage was created in Randers, Midtjylland, Denmark, in 1982 and soon turned the musical style into heavy metal. Two years later, the 7″ single “Shave It Off / Savin’ Love” was released, on green vinyl. It was the entrance door for the group to sign a record deal with Danish label Skylight Records.

The EP “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” was the first and only result of this record deal. Released in 1985, it turned international heads in the direction of Mirage, whose heavy metal/hard rock with distinctive hints of Hammond parts stands as a foundation of the Danish heavy scene. The English label Metal Masters heard the EP and wanted to release it as a full LP, which meant three songs were added. The band seemed to be destined for global success – much like their compatriots Mercyful Fate – in those days. Unfortunately, the label went bankrupt and Mirage found themselves without the backing of a company to release their second album. The collective released two cassette demos independently in 1987 and 1988respectively, but nothing much happened and the band slowly faded away by the end of the 80’s.

While guitarist Jan Buller, bassist Sten Roland, and keyboardist Morgue Law spent some time playing in the blues-rock band “Third Stone From The Sun”, a “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” reissue surfaced in 2002, including the tracks of the two pressings, as well as the “Shave It Off / Savin’ Love” single and the tracks from the later demos. The interest in the band continued to cross generations and, while vocalist Torben Deen had a stint with the AOR rock band “Reality Bites” and shifted to the progressive rock band “Motive” (where Morgue Law also played), the 1987 & 1988 demos were digitally reissued as an EP.

However, there’s an untold chapter from Mirage story. In the 80’s, after releasing “…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, the band wrote a second release, which unfortunately never saw the racks due to the label’s demise. Now, the band is back to tell that chapter and release that record.

On the back of the first album (“…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, released in 85) it was written: “Watch out for the sequel”. Alright, here is the band again, back in the very recognizable Mirage style: Metal with melody and good lyrics! 

“The Sequel” was released on digital, CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) by From the Vaults on July 15th, 2022.