Street Fighter

“Don’t wanna end like a second-hand hero”…

The idea for Street Fighter arose in the Autumn of 2020 at a hotel room in the North of Jutland, Denmark. Michael Hvolgaard Andersen was reading articles about the NWOBHM scene in the early 80s, and about to visit his future business partner, Marco Angioni, at his studio. The name Street Fighter and the first song title “Second Hand Hero” came as a calling.

The day after, Marco and Michael hooked up to create the Angioni Studios together. Marco is the producer, engineer and main man behind the studio, and Michael is the behind-the-scene guy. Shortly after this cooperation, Michael presented the idea of Street Fighter to Marco. 

Since Marco with his Italian heavy metal background, and amazing work with his own band Meridian, plus writing, producing, and recording the “Resilient Heart” album with David Reece (ex. Accept), Michael knew Marco was the right person for the job.

Marco quickly wrote, recorded, and composed what was to become “Queen Of The Night”. As for vocals, Michael approached his friend Rasmus Bom Andersen, the frontman for Diamond Head. And of course, Rasmus delivered 100%, making it a powerful heavy metal song with strong references to early Dio. The model in the cover artwork of “Queen Of The Night” single was Marco’s own daughter, in a picture taken by his wife and photographer Lena Angioni.

The Street Fighter debut album “Second Hand Hero” was released on From The Vaults in September 2023 with Marco Angioni writing and recording all songs, inviting various guests to deliver their art: Rasmus Bom Andersen (Diamond Head), Soren Andersen (Electric Guitars), Michael Catton (Tainted Lady), Chris Catton (Boys From Heaven) Lars Märker (Meridian), Michael Bastholm (Artillery), Michael Hvolgaard Andersen (Withering Surface, Thorium), Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Klaus Agerbo and Peter Bruun (Meridian).