Alien Force – Pain And Pleasure

In 1982, the band currently known as Alien Force started playing music under the name Zeyking. The band was started by the two brothers Henrik Rasmussen (guitar) and Michael Rasmussen (drums) and the style was already then classic heavy metal. Together with Peter Svale Andersen (vocals) and Michael Østerfelt, (bass) Zeyking released the single “Get It Out”.

In 1985 the band changed its name to Alien Force and with a record deal with Telaeg Records, released their first LP “Hell And High Water”. The record is nowadays a classic in the NWOBHM underground, being reprinted several times. Tracks from the record are still used for the live concerts the band plays. In 1986 Alien Force released their second LP “Pain And Pleasure” via their own record company Alien Records, since their previous label had close. This was regarded as yet another classic of the genre and much trafficked since then, in all its physical forms.

Now, for the first time ever, “Pain And Pleasure” are available digitally, in all relevant streaming platforms.

Line-up “’Pain And Pleasure”:
Frank East: bass
Michael Rasmussen: drums
Henrik Rasmussen: guitars
Peter Svale Andersen: vocals