Crucible is a Danish speed metal band consisting of Thomas Carnell (guitar), Jon Brogård (guitar) and Phillip Butler (vocals). Some might also recognize Thomas from the band Impalers and Phillip from Pectora.

Crucible was formed by Jon and Thomas with the simple goal of playing uncompromising speed metal.

Spurred on by the ongoing NWOTHM movement and taking inspiration from bands like Riot City, Skull Fist, Racer X, Judas Priest, and Mötorhead they started working on a demo. Initially a small project that soon grew in scope and ambition, the demo ended up consisting of four original songs and a cover (Racer X).

Phil was later recruited to provide the vocals for the demo and decided to join as a full member of the band.

“The Savage Weapon” is out now on cassette (limited to 100 copies) and digital format via From The Vaults. 


Altar Of Oblivion

The origins of Altar of Oblivion can be traced back to 2003, when Martin Sparvath (guitars/vocals) and Allan Larsen (drums) formed a duo called Summoning Sickness. Around three years later, this doubtful project morphed into Altar of Oblivion and the entity went from playing simple black/speed/ heavy-metal to epic doom metal. To complete the lineup, two new members in the shape of former opera-singer Mik Mentor and bassist/caffeine-addict Christian Nørgaard were recruited, and the band has, so far, several demos, EPs, a live album, and three full-lengths under its belt. Now, a new chapter opens up for Altar Of Oblivion, while the band closes the door on a brilliant past before looking forward to a new album in 2024. 

Fresh after being signed to From The Vaults, epic doom metallers Altar of Oblivion announced the release of the EP “Burning Memories”. The five tracks were recorded in 2016 just after the completion of the band’s third full-length. Seven years later, the EP was finally released in June of 2023.

“In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay”, the new album from the Danish epic doomsters, will be a concept work based on the diary of guitarist Martin Meyer Sparvath’s maternal great-grandfather Jesper Wilhem Meyer, who reluctantly fought for the German Empire during The Great War (1914-1918). 

Preparations for this aural endeavour began in 2005, when the band tracked a demo version of what years later would morph into the now completed album, which was originally supposed to be the debut full-length of the early duo incarnation of the band. This album contains some of the band’s first ever creations, and in many ways, it can be regarded as some sort of Altar Of Oblivion-prototype, bringing forth and spewing out their darkest and most traditional epic doom-work to date.

During and since the pandemic, Altar Of Oblivion have been in recording mode, finishing both new and old stuff, including two full-lengths, two EPs and an acoustic album, enabling the band to take a well-deserved studio-break in order to focus on live shows from now on. A number of gigs have been confirmed for 2024, and the collective is now looking forward to hitting the stage again, heavier, older and more invigorated than ever. Time will tell if playing live is the right cure for a severe case of discoloured studio tan.

Epic doom is not a subgenre that many bands even attempt, let alone excel at, still less expand upon, so this Aalborg five-piece deserve mad props for bringing new life to this profound outsider sound. With the frosty melancholy of Candlemass, the mystical drama of Solitude Aeturnus and the barbarian brawn of Solstice, AOO mix in new levels of emotional vulnerability via the Robert Smith-ish vocals of Mik Mentor, and never get lost in sluggish gloom, maintaining trad metal fundamentals with a strong, clear vocal line, a sturdy gallop and a spine-tingling melody” Chris Shantler (Metal Hammer UK) 

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Latest single:
“Silent Pain”



Trespass was formed in 1979 in Sudbury, Suffolk by Mark Sutcliffe (guitar, vocals) and his brother Paul on drums. The band enjoyed success and critical acclaim as part of the New wave of British Heavy Metal in the early 80s, although it has only released a few singles and an EP – the cult “Bright Lights”, from 1981. Songs such as “One Of These Days”, “Storm Child” (both included in the now cult EMI compilation from 1980 “Metal For Muthas II”), as well as “Bright Lights”, have made their mark. 

Also in 1980, the song “Visionary” was included in Tommy Vance’s BBC Radio One Session compilation “Metal Explosion”, leading to a major exposure of the Trespass music.

In the 90s, Trespass was back in full action and in 1993 the band finally released their long-awaited debut album “Head”, helping keep the NWOBHM flame alive in a dark decade for traditional metal. The second album, self-titled, surfaced in 2015, and the group didn’t need another decade for a follow-up, with “Footprints In The Rock” being released three years after, with reactions, confirming that Trespass music is still enjoyed by rock and metal fans all over the world. While preparing the next full-length release, Trespass is currently rehearsing a set of classics old and new, for UK and European shows next year.

Five years after “Footprints In The Rock”, Trespass are back with a superb new album entitled “Wolf At The Door”. Encompassing issues and subjects close to their hearts – especially environmental themes – the album were written by founding member, guitar player and vocalist Mark Sutcliffe at his home studio, being later recorded at Crooks Hall Studios, all in the wilds of Suffolk. Nigel Palmer (Raging Speedhorn, Satan’s Empire) then polished altogether in Lowland Masters. 

This typical British environment helped Trespass maintain their NWOBHM signature twin-guitar sound, while having a drive and energy in the rhythm section that transports them right back into the 20s. The artwork, by Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) put the final touch in a release that won’t disappoint the old-school fans, as well as new ones. 

“Wolf At The Door” is out now on LP (black vinyl, limited to 500), CD and digital formats.


Latest Single:
“Live Like A King”

Photo by Jakob Muxoll

Street Fighter

“Don’t wanna end like a second-hand hero”…

The idea for Street Fighter arose in the Autumn of 2020 at a hotel room in the North of Jutland, Denmark. Michael Hvolgaard Andersen was reading articles about the NWOBHM scene in the early 80s, and about to visit his future business partner, Marco Angioni, at his studio. The name Street Fighter and the first song title “Second Hand Hero” came as a calling.

The day after, Marco and Michael hooked up to create the Angioni Studios together. Marco is the producer, engineer and main man behind the studio, and Michael is the behind-the-scene guy. Shortly after this cooperation, Michael presented the idea of Street Fighter to Marco. 

Since Marco with his Italian heavy metal background, and amazing work with his own band Meridian, plus writing, producing, and recording the “Resilient Heart” album with David Reece (ex. Accept), Michael knew Marco was the right person for the job.

Marco quickly wrote, recorded, and composed what was to become “Queen Of The Night”. As for vocals, Michael approached his friend Rasmus Bom Andersen, the frontman for Diamond Head. And of course, Rasmus delivered 100%, making it a powerful heavy metal song with strong references to early Dio. The model in the cover artwork of “Queen Of The Night” single was Marco’s own daughter, in a picture taken by his wife and photographer Lena Angioni.

The Street Fighter debut album “Second Hand Hero” was released on From The Vaults in September 2023 with Marco Angioni writing and recording all songs, inviting various guests to deliver their art: Rasmus Bom Andersen (Diamond Head), Soren Andersen (Electric Guitars), Michael Catton (Tainted Lady), Chris Catton (Boys From Heaven) Lars Märker (Meridian), Michael Bastholm (Artillery), Michael Hvolgaard Andersen (Withering Surface, Thorium), Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Klaus Agerbo and Peter Bruun (Meridian).



Exelerate is a power thrash metal band from Denmark. They play fast and aggressive riffs combined virtuoso guitar solos and high-pitched vocals to create a new, yet familiar brand of metal. They quickly found strength in combining their individual music influences to create a mix of Thrash-, power- and prog metal. It set the stage for the aggressive, but still approachable sound and the complexity of the compositions that all of their songs are made of.

They are inspired by bands like Megadeth, Anthrax, DIO, Dream Theater etc. and make heavy use of both the traditional and the new in metal. They have a great focus on how their music is perceived in a live situation.

Exelerate is, now in 2023, full swing and ready to release their debut album under the Danish label From The Vaults. The record consists of new and original material, designed to showcase just how metal should sound in 2023. It’s a concept work where every track tells a story about humankind’s tendencies towards both dominance and submission. The themes go from old religions to contemporary ideology worship and even further into the ultimate submission to our own mortality. 

“Exelerate” was recorded with the help of, among others, Casper Augustenborg as the drum recording engineer and Io Brix Klarstrup, who pulls double duty as both the band’s bass player and recording engineer. The skilled hands of Marco Angioni (Angioni Studios) have made sure that Exelerate sounds better than ever, with a new massive sound that the listener easily can let their face melt away to. 

The album’s artwork was made by the danish artist Steen Jensen who, with his airbrush and proclivities towards the dark and strange, has made a surreal visual universe inspired by the opening track on the album “Arrival”. 

As a classic old-school heavy metal band, Exelerate will proudly begin touring with its debut album in 2023. 

“Exelerate” is out now on LP (black vinyl, limited to 300), CD and digital formats via From The Vaults.    


Photo by Jakob Muxoll


Steel Inferno was formed in 2012 and has since its formation released two full length albums: “Aesthetics of Decay” in 2016 and “…And the Earth Stood Still” in 2020. 

In 2020 the band joined forces with a new singer – Chris Rostoff – and while the world was shut down the band started to write new songs. The band then signed with From The Vaults in 2021 and entered Angioni Studios in early 2022. The result is the album “Evil Reign” which takes the band in a slightly different direction. If the Steel Inferno’s early material was akin to European metal like early Accept and Judas Priest, the newer material is closer to some of the earliest US power metal bands such as Helstar and Jag Panzer – all mixed with a fundamental inspiration from early thrash and speed metal. 

And now the band’s third full-length album “Evil Reign”, is finally unleashed. It features a handful of ferocious metal assaults that leaves no listener spared. The collective appeals in an irresistible manner to fans of classic metal in the vein of Agent Steel, early Slayer, and Overkill and to everyone who is into speed and intensity mixed with a sense of malicious melody. With a timeless production made in Angioni Studios by Marco Angioni (Tygers Of Pan Tang, Iron Fire, Meridian), “Evil Reign” is the heavy/speed metal battlecry of 2022. 

Steel Inferno is:
Thierry Zubritovsky – bass
Jens Andersen – guitars
Chris Rostoff – vocals
Lars Lyndorff – guitars
Krzysztof Baran – drums



Mirage was created in Randers, Midtjylland, Denmark, in 1982 and soon turned the musical style into heavy metal. Two years later, the 7″ single “Shave It Off / Savin’ Love” was released, on green vinyl. It was the entrance door for the group to sign a record deal with Danish label Skylight Records.

The EP “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” was the first and only result of this record deal. Released in 1985, it turned international heads in the direction of Mirage, whose heavy metal/hard rock with distinctive hints of Hammond parts stands as a foundation of the Danish heavy scene. The English label Metal Masters heard the EP and wanted to release it as a full LP, which meant three songs were added. The band seemed to be destined for global success – much like their compatriots Mercyful Fate – in those days. Unfortunately, the label went bankrupt and Mirage found themselves without the backing of a company to release their second album. The collective released two cassette demos independently in 1987 and 1988respectively, but nothing much happened and the band slowly faded away by the end of the 80’s.

While guitarist Jan Buller, bassist Sten Roland, and keyboardist Morgue Law spent some time playing in the blues-rock band “Third Stone From The Sun”, a “…And The Earth Shall Crumble” reissue surfaced in 2002, including the tracks of the two pressings, as well as the “Shave It Off / Savin’ Love” single and the tracks from the later demos. The interest in the band continued to cross generations and, while vocalist Torben Deen had a stint with the AOR rock band “Reality Bites” and shifted to the progressive rock band “Motive” (where Morgue Law also played), the 1987 & 1988 demos were digitally reissued as an EP.

However, there’s an untold chapter from Mirage story. In the 80’s, after releasing “…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, the band wrote a second release, which unfortunately never saw the racks due to the label’s demise. Now, the band is back to tell that chapter and release that record.

On the back of the first album (“…And The Earth Shall Crumble”, released in 85) it was written: “Watch out for the sequel”. Alright, here is the band again, back in the very recognizable Mirage style: Metal with melody and good lyrics! 

“The Sequel” was released on digital, CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) by From the Vaults on July 15th, 2022.



Formed in late 2004, Eruption is a thrash metal band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Throughout the years, the band has always kept fast, guitar-based and infectiously melodic metal as their mission statement, culminating in the releases of “Lifeless Paradise” in 2009, “Tenses Collide” in 2012, and “Cloaks of Oblivion” in 2017. All three full-lengths, accompanied by 2014’s “Live Transmissions” EP, saw the band explore classic machine gun thrash riffing accompanied by the soaring melodic vocals and sci-fi musings of vocalist Klemen Kalin. 

The energetic blend of influences allowed the band to present its music in a dynamic, furious stage show that saw Eruption share the stage with names such as Warbringer, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I, Iced Earth, perform on the main stage of festivals such as MetalDays and Underwall as well as garner excellent live responses from around Europe. 

The apocalyptic concept behind the upcoming ERUPTION’s fourth studio album “Tellurian Rupture” is about bleak, dark, and heavy things. At least for civilizations, that is. Yet with a fall of an empire comes rebirth. Forged under the grey skies ridden with COVID-winds, when every prognosis seemed hopeless and induced despair, “Tellurian Rupture” was not an easy undertaking. Through perseverance, blood, sweat, and tears a behemoth of power-infused thrash metal was born. 

“Tellurian Rupture” is out now on digital, CD and LP (black/gold vinyl, limited to 300 units).



In the mid-1980s, Denmark’s Artillery established themselves as being at the cutting edge of the thrash movement, and nearly forty years later, they continue to destroy. Coming from the suburbs of Copenhagen, the band spent the early 80’s defining their sound and changing members until their debut “Fear Of Tomorrow” was released in 1985 by neat records by the classic line-up of Flemming Rönsdorf (vocals), Michael Stützer (lead guitar), Jørgen Sandau (rhythm guitar), Morten Stützer (bass) and Carsten Nielsen (drums).

Two more albums – “Terror Squad” (1987) and “By Inheritance” (1990) – were recorded until the band eventually disbanded in 1993, by then already hailed as one of the major thrash forces in Europe and the main band in Scandinavia playing the genre.

After a brief return in 1999 with the album “B.A.C.K.”, Artillery went dormant again, before it resurfaced the scene in 2009 with the album “When Death Comes”. By then, the Stützer brothers were well solid as the guitar duo and the drummer Carsten Nilsen was the other surviving member of the classic line-up. The band was completed by vocalist Søren Adamsen and bassist Peter Thorslund. From that point on, Artillery got the thrashing machine moving full-speed again, with one new album released roughly every two years, until the recent “X”. However, the band’s road was also struck by tragedy, when Morten Stützer died in October 2019 due to a blood clot. 

Nowadays, Artillery is one of the oldest and most respected bands in the thrash scene, refusing to give in to any modernity or sound changing, but always evolving and finding new ways to thrash and shoot down watery metal trends.


Gauntlet Rule

Gauntlet Rule was formed in 2019 by guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Massacre) and bassist Peter Svensson (Assassin’s Blade, Void Moon) with the intent of creating timeless heavy metal. The line up was completed by vocalist Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok). Despite of, or maybe because of, the style of Gauntlet Rule being a huge departure from the styles of Johansson’s and Möller’s main bands, the band manages to create an original sounding record yet maintain all the trademarks of classic metal. The songs range from speed metal to almost doom metal, but the focus on fist-pumping heavy metal is never let go. The foundation of the songs is the unrelenting riffing of the riffmaster Johansson, backed by the tight and sometimes adventurous rhythm section of Svensson and guest drummer Lars Demoké. The massive vocals of Möller set the tone for the journey through the landscapes of “The Plague Court”. Lyrical themes include horror stories, war, internal struggles, and supernatural concepts; sometimes several of the themes in one song. 

The debut album “The Plague Court” was released on March 18th 2022, on CD, LP and digital.

“The Plague Court” marked the first release by Gauntlet Rule, but already new material is being worked on. While real gigs are impossible at the moment, the band is working hard to be at the top of their game once touring can resume.

The album also features the excellent vocal talents of two guest vocalists; Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) lends his world-class pipes to the track “Dying for My Dreams”, to which he also contributed additional vocal arrangements and lyrical adjustments. The other vocalist is Lorraine Gill from cult US Metal band Taist of Iron, she adds her haunting yet powerful vocals to the track “A Choir of Angels”.


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