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Whilst playing with German melodic black metallers Dark Fortress, Walter “Crom” Grosse began working on a solo-project that was worlds apart from the raw aggression normally associated with the genre in which he started. The more the work progressed, the more Grosse realised that he much preferred to forge his own musical path, a path where melody is the defining factor, and, following on from the positive response to his debut EP “The Fallen Beauty”, he decided to focus his attention solely on the band that had become Crom.

Grosse has never made any secret of his admiration and respect for Quorthon. Like many other musicians, he is influenced by the epic melodies of the legendary Bathory, but, unlike many, he has allowed the influence to subtly shade, rather than define, the musical content. Crom has an individuality that can only be described as, well… “CROM”!

Delicate acoustic guitars are counter-pointed by crushing metal riffs. A powerful vocal performance is accompanied by melodies that are in turn poignant or majestic. With his use of choirs, epic arrangements, skilful transitions, and stirring melodies, Grosse is able to conjure up images of mighty warriors and lost loves; epic struggles and tragic personal losses; despair and ultimate salvation.

After three albums (“Vengeance” in 2008, “Of Love And Death” in 2011 and “When Northmen Die” in 2017) Crom is now ready for a new chapter in its career, signing a new record deal with From The Vaults and releasing a new EP, “Into The Glory Land”.


Alien Force

In 1982, the band currently known as Alien Force started playing music under the name Zeyking. The band was started by the two brothers Henrik Rasmussen (guitar) and Michael Rasmussen (drums) and the style was already then classic heavy metal. Together with Peter Svale Andersen (vocals) and Michael Østerfelt, (bass) Zeyking released the single “Get It Out”.

In 1985 the band changed its name to Alien Force and with a record deal with Telaeg Records, released their first LP “Hell And High Water”. The record is nowadays a classic in the NWOBHM underground, being reprinted several times. Tracks from the record are still used for the live concerts the band plays. In 1986 Alien Force released their second LP “Pain And Pleasure” via their own record company Alien Records, since their previous label had close.

Up through the 90’s it was difficult for the band to hold their breath and try to survive. Band members were replaced, the name and style changed, but it was all in all a difficult period and the band decided to stop after playing at many festivals and club gigs.

In 2008, the band was invited to play a reunion concert in the famous rock club The Rock. The concert was a great success and Alien Force once again got blood on their teeth and not least the desire for metal back.

Shortly after, the band entered their home studio with new energy and new ideas for songs and got more invitations to play festivals again, but unfortunately their guitarist Michael Wenzel lost his life to cancer and it was a great blow for the band again.

After a long break, in 2018, Alien Force were invited to play Keep It True, one of Germany’s largest underground metal festivals. Alien Force presented themselves with the original line-up from the “Hell And High Water album and the concert served as a turning point. The band met fans from all over the world, who welcomed them with open arms and showed the band that they have a loyal fan base larger than believed.

In 2020, Alien Force hits the studio again, inspired by the many concerts in Europe after the Keep it True experience. Together with Peter Brander in Media Sound Studio, they have recorded ten new songs ready for a new album, released by From The Vaults / Target Group in November 2021.

The title of the album says it all: WE MEET AGAIN

The band is still in the original cast as in 1985 and the style is intact from that time, namely old school heavy metal with all that entails classic guitar riffs, convincing vocals backed by raw bottom.


Evil “Evil’s Message”

The year of Iron Maiden’s ”Powerslave”. The year of Mercyful Fate’s ”Don’t Break The Oath”. And the year of Evil’s ”Evil’s Message”!

The Danish heavy metal cult EP classic fuelled with five tracks of powerful and speedy heavy metal are to be re-released in a very special package in 2021!

Remastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted) in Antfarm Studio ”Evil’s Message” comes in three very limited edition vinyl formats in 180gr Teal (blue/green), yellow, and marble grey as well as on CD for the very first time. On top of this, the release comes with rare photos.

If you’re a fan of classic, head-banging, fist-pumping 80s heavy metal, then this is an absolute must-have in your collection!

And remember… Evil’s power is not to be taken lightly!

Evil is back and working on a new studio album to be released in late 2021.

“Evil’s Message” will be re-released in CD, and LP (four different colours: black, teal, yellow, marbled grey) by Mighty Music, on June 11th, 2021.

Line-up “Evil’s Message”:
Kim Xmas: guitar
Pearl Angel: vocals
Pete Hurricane: bass
Freddie Wolf: drums



Evil released their first mini-LP back in 1984, the now legendary ‘Evil’s Message’. It was released on the Dutch Rave-On Records, who also released the first mini LP “Nuns Have No Fun” by Mercyful Fate back in 1983.

Evil was among the first metal bands to define the genre speed metal back in 1984, by sharp vocals, heavy riffs and Freddie Wolf’s fast and pounding bass drums. At the time, the band wasn’t presenting the typical heavy metal, but today the band is among the founding fathers of European heavy metal.

The band split up back in the mid-eighties and drummer Freddie kept on playing with a bunch of established Danish rock-acts and soloists, but the metal has been there ever since in the background. In 2015 Freddie unleashed Evil again with the album “Shoot The Messenger”. Freddie wrote all the music, wrote the lyrics, played all instruments and produced the new album himself. The vocals where done by longtime friend Søren Nico Adamsen (ex-Artillery).

In 2022 the group announced a new studio album, “Book Of Evil”, which was released on May 27th, 2022. The record was produced in Hellfire Studio, Copenhagen, and Antfarm Studio, Aarhus, mixed and co-produced by rewarded metal producer/mixer Tue Madsen. “We have made the new material in the spirit of the eighties but with a modern metal state of mind” Freddie Wolf says.

EVIL’s sound anno 2022 is classic heavy metal in the vein of Accept and Judas Priest whom inspired Evil back in the early eighties.

EVIL’s coming…